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OSI has been providing real estate inspections for properties in the Tampa Bay area since 1989. You can feel confident in OSI when you know that your inspection will be conducted by a State Licensed Building Inspector and State Licensed Building Contractor with decades of construction experience.

Helping you Save Money

Whether we can provide information about needed repairs to a property before you buy, or lowering your current homeowners insurance premium with a Wind Mitigation Inspection, OSI is in the business of educating home buyers and property owners.

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Products & services

Home Inspection

A home inspection is a limited, non-invasive examination of the condition of a home before a sale or purchase.
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Commercial Inspection

In a Commercial Draw Inspection, the first step is usually to review the construction documents.
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Wind Mitigation

Wind mitigation targets the structural and nonstructural aspects that prevent or lessen damage caused by winds. Read more…

Pre-Purchase Inspection

Pre-purchase Inspections focus on identifying deficiencies on behalf of a potential buyer of your home.

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Draw Inspections

Some lenders or home owners require inspections before releasing funds for a home construction loan.
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Pre-Delivery Inspection

The pre-delivery inspection generally is an option the buyer has to inspect the property prior to closing.
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  • Very professional, on time included pictures and explained his findings in terms I was able to understand. Went with OSI because they were state licensed building inspectors and contractors.
    Dawn A.
  • First of all I want to tell you what a pro Brian is. As a general contractor myself I can tell within a few words if a building professional is in it for the quality and pride of a job well done with an emphasis of on a satisfied customer. It is with great enthusiasm that I can report that Brian was on time, pleasant, did not rush through his routine and answered every question I had. After Hiring OSI, I was very pleased with the results of my inspection and highly recommend OSI. Brian is a man of high integrity, a true professionalism.
    Bob Phillips, Bay Breeze Enterprises
    St. Petersburg, FL
  • I heard several testimonials equaling hundreds of dollars of refunded money, so I decided to hire OSI to conduct a Wind Mitigation Inspection on my home. They were extremely professional and after a short time the inspection was finished. About a week later I received a reduction on my homeowners insurance of $767. It was so easy, painless and had a fast payoff.
    Juliet Kyes
    St. Petersburg, FL
  • When Brian came out for the inspection he was very professional and friendly, and within 30 minutes he completed the inspection and had the 2 page report Emailed to my insurance company!! Within 3 weeks, I had a refund check in the mail from my insurance company informing me that our insurance premium lowered 90.00 per month!!
    Lavonne Ford
    St. Petersburg, FL
  • I recently had a wind mitigation inspection done by Brian at OSI. Brian was very professional and experienced, explaining all details of the service. Based solely on existing features on my home, he did the inspection and submitted all forms & photos to my insurance agent. Within 3 weeks I received a new declaration statement from my insurance stating that my premium would be reduced by $500 annually, and that would continue for the next 5 years! This was the most worthwhile investment! Thank you OSI! My only regret was that I did not have this inspection done sooner."
    J. Alder
    Palm Harbor, FL

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